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WHYBE Foundation

WHYBE Foundation (helping children and youth who are homeless and at risk) is a non-profit organization. Founded Dec 26, 2015 in the restaurant « Le Troquet Café-Ciné », Pivert, St-Marc, Haiti (W. I) and since then, WHYBYE Foundation has been committed to the Convention on the Rights of the Children, promoting and defending the rights of children and adolescents at risk and helpless, developing projects in particular at St-Marc (Haiti). Since its creation, the Foundation has been worked with partners who have the same objective in helping children and adolescents in precarious and fragile situations. WHYBE Foundation has already sensitized a large number of citizens on the social, economic and cultural problems of the country so that each actor becomes aware of the future of those who really need, in particular, respect for their rights and especially those of the country, the children. In particular, the Foundation insisted on the rules relating to environmental protection, mobilized the various economic and political actors by associating them with the actions of the foundation, acts through the implementation of concrete programs that provide operational responses threats in the following areas:

• Research and development contributing to the access of the poorest of the population to center infrastructure, improving their living conditions.

• Establishing structures or projects geared towards rural development by stimulating the local community and strengthening the population’s capacity to manage natural resources, protecting and preserving human rights, especially those of children.

• Environmental protection

For the WHYBE Foundation, the respect and dignity of the human being are the supreme value. Everyone has basic needs like food, education, rest, health, physical development to which we must respond. Every person needs « freedom of self-determination » to the fullest extent possible, he/she must be recognized as responsible for his/her life with an opportunity to choose. All persons require physical and physiological security; we undertake to pay particular attention to the respect for their privacy life and the prevention of any form of abuse. For those who no longer have a family, we provide them with services and a framework that fosters an experience as close as possible to that experienced within the family as a primary source of love and security.

The WHYBE Foundation thus fosters the development of the persons and pays the greatest attention to the activities aiming at the development of the various potentialities of the person while remaining adapted to their capacities and interests while giving them the means to lead a balanced life and to participate more actively in the activities of the community. Finally, the WHYBE Foundation gives privilege to socio-educational approaches. However, open to any pedagogical change. As a result, this Foundation respects the dignity of the person and is based on a personal evolution.


Our vision is that of a world where all children and adolescents have the right to have their voices heard about life situations that affect them and when their rights are violated.
Aware that they are the most defenseless of our society; our vision is that of a world in which their rights of these children and adolescents are fully protected, that they also have the basic things of life; that means; homes, education, food, clothing, etc.


Since its creation, the WHYBE Foundation has for objective to promote and support the non-profit and no particular interest actions, projects and initiatives carried out by legal or natural persons of national or international institutions or communities which intervene in a disinterested manner in order to contribute to the development of HAITI mainly in the following areas:
• Professional training
• Aid to young people in a precarious or disadvantaged situation
• Protection of the environment
• Education and habitat
• Health
• Arts and Culture
• Technological, rural and social development, etc.
The annual accounts of the Foundation shall be verified by (A.C ) « ADMINISTRATION COUNCIL »….and deposed at …..